Get the body you deserve

In the gym, at home or outdoors you will be expertly coached, motivated & guided through each session to get you closer to your fitness goal(s)

personal Training

I offer personal training services tailored to you and your goals. As a Personal trainer with over 13 years’ experience. I develop personalised training plans around your health and fitness needs, helping you to achieve the results that are most important to you.

strength & conditioning

Increase muscle strength & tone


Improve endurance & burn more calories


Lose weight, gain confidence

Diet & nutrition

Balanced diet to support training

Fit For Life

On your fitness journey I will be there to support you through every step, rep and set​

strength & conditioning

Improve posture gain bone density and maintain weight loss, sleep better whilst adding tone and improving your metabolism.

cardiovascular & endurance

Make your heart and lungs stronger and muscles more efficient making your workouts more effective.


Develop strength and train your muscles allowing you to lift and hold your body upright in a much safer manner.


Leading to better balance and stability in daily activities. Many physical activities depend on stable core muscles.

Why Choose me

Whatever your goal, wherever you train I will create a personalised workout plan to fit your lifestyle & help you to reach your goals.​

Weight training

Personalised training sessions for your body & mind

individual training

121 training designed for you

endurance training

Get the heart racing

male & female

Gender Neutral

diet & nutrition

Plans designed for your goals & health

Personal Trainer

Experienced & degree qualified

Fitness assessments

Ongoing assessments

sports training

Sport specific fitness training

pay as you go

Weekly & monthly options

Client Results

Your body & goals are unique — your exercise and nutrition plans should be too

Dan helped me rediscover my confidence when it comes to Phys. His knowledge is vast, and he’s constantly researching new ways to improve both your experience and the training. Not only that he’s supported me when I’ve been away with work for extended periods, optimising my programme to meet the challenges that presents. Doesn’t matter who you are, Dan’s approachable style and the way he adapts his style around you is great for building confidence and learning new techniques in the Gym. Can’t recommend him highly enough!

a package that FITS your needs



121 or Group COACHING

Personalised training plans

let's work it out

To get started we will schedule a confidential consultation to talk about your health and fitness needs. Together we will review your diet, any injuries and goals.

From there we will carefully devise a schedule and workout plan around our discussion to create a training plan which can be used at home, in the gym or outside.


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