2 Days, 2 Clients & 2 PB’s

The most rewarding part of my job is helping my clients & seeing them achieve their goals as a result of it

On Thursday I received a message from an online client saying they had achieved a personal best deadlifting 70kg for 10 reps for the first tike ever.

They had told me without me putting deadlifts in their workout plan & my weekly advice & motivation to go heavier they would have never of achieved it. I was so chuffed to read this

On Friday I had a 121 PT session with a client I have been working with for 2 months now. One month ago they had said to me they had never done deadlifts & would like to start to so we did. Well on Friday she managed 3 sets of 80kg.

As you can imagine helping 2 clients in 2 days achieve these PB’s was a great feeling

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Dan Gollop BSc is a Fitness Coach / Personal Trainer specialising in strength & conditioning with a degree in Sports Science. Dan has built a wealth of experience gained over 13 years of providing personal training services.


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