Ask yourself this

What makes a good training plan?⁣⁣⁣
There are many principles that need to be applied for a great training plan.

Progressive overload, repetition in movement patterns, repetition in training sessions over a specific amount of weeks, corrrect technique, making sure the plan is challenging enough for you to improve, etc.⁣⁣⁣
However one of the most important principles is that you need to enjoy & love the training you’re doing.⁣
It’s important to find a coach or plan that allows you to do improve & reach your goals but also one that you enjoy doing so you can adhere to it & stay consistent.

Of course we’re all going to have hard days where you don’t feel like doing it but if you enjoy it those days will be made easier than if you don’t
Ask yourself this

  • Do I enjoy training more often than days where I don’t?
  • Do I understand the purpose of my training plan & why I’m doing it?
  • Do I look forward to seeing the progress of my hard work & my training?
  • Do I feel good after doing my training plan & am I glad I did it?
  • Am I seeing results with the training I’m doing?
  • If your not enjoying your training or not seeing results drop me a message now & let’s change that

Dan Gollop | Fitness Coach

Dan Gollop BSc is a Fitness Coach / Personal Trainer specialising in strength & conditioning with a degree in Sports Science. Dan has built a wealth of experience gained over 13 years of providing personal training services.


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