Did you watch C4’s ‘Lose a Stone in 21 days?

It’s exactly programmes like this with misinformed information & extreme diet strategies that cause confusion over a calorie deficit & weight loss.

They also promote and encourage starvation as an acceptable method of losing weight.

Yes, you will see / hear me & most PT’s bang on about how you need to be in a deficit to lose weight, but not to the extreme mentioned during the programme.

Being in a 800 calorie deficit (as advised by a so-called doctor) is not only unsustainable meaning you won’t stick to it so won’t see any long term results.

It will leave you with low energy levels meaning you won’t perform as well in your fitness / gym sessions, in your job, with your kids or even in bed.

Let’s face it if your starving your self that much you’ll be pretty miserable most of the time as well.

You can be in a deficit, lose weight & still eat meals you enjoy through out the day and feel good for it without depriving yourself.

If you’re confused about how to be in a sustainable calorie deficit or need help with your weight loss/fitness journey safely DM me

Dan Gollop | Fitness Coach

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