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No matter what your fitness goals are, I have a plan and a fitness programme to help get you there

As a Fitness Coach I work with clients to build and create practical workout plans that are both challenging and fun.

Much of my training includes the use of resistance & functional training. Its important to me & you that you enjoy your sessions. I work with you to make sure you’re staying active and happy on your fitness journey.

benefits of training

I often get asked what should I focus on when I train? Should I work on cardio or weights to achieve my goals?


Cardio exercise

Fitness tips

It takes time and effort to get in shape and stay in shape. If you follow my tips and fitness plans you’ll be able to see the long-term benefits for your health and fitness

What weights should i use ?

The weight you choose will all depend on how many reps you are intending to perform. You should be selecting a weight which you can lift with 'correct form' & complete the set amount of reps / sets.

The number of reps / sets is dependent on what your training goals are.

How hard should i train?

An easy way to work out if a weight is correct for you is to use the RPE scale (Rate of Perceived Exertion). Complete a set with a weight & give it a score of 1-10. If the weight is right for you it should be rated between 7-9.

If lower than 7 then increase the load & if over 9 reduce the weight for the next set.

Work out with me

I will create a fitness training programme.
that meets your personal goals.
I will challenge you in ways you never.
thought possible.
I will encourage you when you feel tired.
I will be there along every step of the way.

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Here I will try and do my best to answer any questions you many have. I’m sure there are many more I’ve missed.


Why should I use a PersonalTrainer?

Some of my PT clients are happy to use my fitness plans to use in their own time and place.  Yet often time, motivation and work commitments stop us from training when we should. I’ll work with you to keep you on track towards the plans and goals we set out.


When do I need a Personal Trainer?

Different clients use my services at various times when needed. Some clients like to book a programme over a set period of time. Some clients work towards goals, such as ideal weight, holidays, weddings, sports or just getting fitter! Everyone has differing needs which is why our approach together is unique.


How often should I train

It really depends on your commitment, goals & lifestlye. I often recommend clients train at least three times per week. This is to make sure you are reaching your targets in and outside of the Gym. After all diet and exercise go hand in hand. As part of our fitness assessment we will develop a fitness plan which is made for you where we can adjust in case you miss a workout or get busy with other things.


Will you put me on a diet?

As you know undertaking personal training requires a commitment on both parts. Its important that you take good care of your diet and behave on your down time. If you want to see results then we will need to work on diet and nurtition too. Its important to make adjustments to your lifestyle as part of your training.


Where do you train clients?

As a Gym Manager I often see my clients in Parkwood Salisbury. I’ve been there for over a decade. In the gym we have all the professional equipment we need to get going. I am also able to visit you at homeor in a park if you prefer. I have also started offering 121 training online via Zoom


What are the costs for training?

Every client varies depending on the amount of time needed as part of their fitness plan. Some clients like to see me for 1 hour per week. Some clients like to train every day. I offer various options from 121, group or even online so get in contact with me so I can discuss the different options I can offer you


Feel free to get in touch if you would like to have an informal chat about training with me, I’d be happy to help!​


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