What have you achieved since we all went into lockdown?⁣

Have you spent hours doing random workouts or exercise without any progressive overload?⁣

Are you even measuring your progress?⁣

If your not measuring Any type of progress how do you even know if your improving or not?⁣

If your tired of spending lots of time working out / exercising & not improving or reaching a goal then it’s time to make a change⁣

My online training program can help you make a change & start reaching goals⁣

What you get-⁣

Personalised 6 week training plan (includes progressions each week⁣
Daily check ins with me (to ensure your sticking to the plan & get any advice you need)⁣

Weekly review (evaluate, measure your progress, see what we can improve over the next week & if we need to change anything)⁣

Macro & calorie targets⁣

My 13 years of fitness expertise & experience on a daily basis⁣

Dan Gollop | Fitness Coach

Dan Gollop BSc is a Fitness Coach / Personal Trainer specialising in strength & conditioning with a degree in Sports Science. Dan has built a wealth of experience gained over 13 years of providing personal training services.


In the Gym, At Home or Online

I currently have capacity to offer personal training services.
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